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When 'Leave' equals 'Remain'

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Boris Johnson won the Conservative leadership campaign and became Prime Minister on the solemn and guaranteed promise that we would leave the EU on 31st October, no ifs, no buts.


Today we read that what he meant was that we would offer more billions of pounds in exchange for a 'deal' which would leave us in the Single Market and Customs Union ( and of course still certainly  subject to the  judicial  control of the ECJ) for two years while we negotiated a trade agreement.


This is a form of duplicity favoured by the lady in the leopard skin print shoes as there is no way that truly leaving the EU can also mean remaining in the Single Market  and the Customs Union.


To my knowledge, the average time for the EU to negotiate a trade deal is nearer 10 years than two and there would be not the least incentive to ever complete it if we were still to all intents and purposes a member until it's finalisation.


I sincerely trust that Nigel Farage will, when he sees Boris' latest policy, make it clear that remaining in the Customs Union and the Single Market is not what the millions of members of The Brexit Party understand as leaving on 31st October.


Three key questions for Boris Johnson:

1.  If the likelihood of leaving without a deal is millions to one why are we proposing to spend £100 million on publicity for it?

2. You have said that we would immediately seek trade deals with the USA and other nations around the world ready for when we leave on 31st October but do you not think that these countries will be somewhat bewildered to be told that they will have to wait at least two years before there is any chance that they will be implemented?

3. If you attempt to present contradictory Brexit policies to those who wish to remain and those who wish to leave is it not likely that neither side will believe you?


Eddy Barrows,

1 August 2019


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