Great Reset



Technology, automation and artificial intelligence are moving us away from simple constructs of society. To meet the new paradigm, we will need a small workforce of highly-trained global intellectuals, technocrats and administrators. For the time being, there will also be some lower-level labourers but these will gradually be replaced by robots.


The elite thinkers and doers are being provided by colleges and universities through scientific, artistic and social studies. It is now important that everyone understands their position and future roles in the Great Reset society.


We, the elite, are already playing our part. Some of us are entertaining you, the suitably-qualified provide the goods and services you need while the most gifted are educating, governing and judging. All in a ‘caring’ manner, of course.


However, it is necessary for the elite to be supported in their tasks. For example, Industry and commerce currently require low-cost labour for simple tasks not requiring a high level of intelligence or education.


Others require low-cost domestic labour to enable them to devote their skills and efforts to higher-level tasks.


It is clear that these requirements are not being met by the native labour force. The problem becomes more acute as the birth-rate drops below the minimum replacement level of about 2.4 births per family.


The only sustainable answer is a high level of immigration – with a larger workforce paying the taxation to cover today’s financial commitments and provide for the future. These include aspects such as health and social services as well as unfunded pensions.


Many people will not like high immigration levels into our already-overcrowded country so must be compelled to accept them. We are doing this through the force of law and grand-sounding philosophies such as Diversity, Inclusion and Equality.  Objections are classified as hate, racism and ‘misinformation’ and bring down the full might of society and the law onto offenders and dissenters.


 As the Great Reset Society develops, the need for most people to work will wither away but they must be content to keep society stable. They will thus be supported with automatic Universal Basic Income and devote their lives to domestic chores, exercise and being entertained.


They will live in 'fifteen-minute cities', have all the goods and services deemed appropriate to their intellectual levels and they will be happy. By law.



The Great Reset has been defined as an elite-planned global economy implemented by altruistic corporate socialist stakeholder capitalism dispensing with the need for democracy.



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