Nut Zero is a fake engineering project based on a fake coming global warming crisis:

There have been several years of good analyses of Nut Zero feasibility and cost estimates found in articles recommended on my blog.  Nut Zero is not going to happen.

It's time to move on to why Nut Zero is continuing when it is so obviously not feasible or affordable. The reason has to start with the assumption that Nut Zero was never a real engineering project. It was always a political strategy to control people by controlling their energy use. Nut Zero is a leftist political strategy to implement fascism and it is working so far. It is based on an imaginary global warming crisis that has been predicted since 1979 ... as the actual climate has become more pleasant.

From the Green New Ordeal to the current Nut Zero, it has been too easy for intelligent people to provide evidence the plan is not feasible, will be too expensive, and will not be completed by 2050.

These facts are irrelevant to the leftists forcing Nut Zero on the public. Their goal is to control people by controlling energy. They control energy by claiming a global warming crisis is coming unless energy sources are changed. That imaginary coming climate crisis is just climate propaganda, but it seems to work.

The ultimate goal is a Rule by Leftist Experts, which is better described by the word "fascism". We are already semi-fascist in the US and moving further left every month.

Richard Greene
(DRCS is Don Rickles Charm School)
Bingham Farms, Michigan

PS:  Below is a link to an interesting article about fascism, which results in "thought crimes" (free speech unless you disagree with the government) by William Briggs, Ph.D.



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